Online Groups for Therapists

Several therapists have reached out to me here at Group Therapy Central wanting to connect with online group services designed for therapists. I compiled the following list of Online Groups for Therapists, which contains all the people that I know are providing online groups designed for therapists. Most of these groups are training and/or consultation groups, and many seem to be process-oriented. A few are identified as Modern Psychoanalytic groups.  If you know of any other online groups for therapists, please let me know and I will add them to this list! Thanks! -Nate Page

UPDATE - I have been learning about several Support Groups for Therapists amidst the COVID-19 Pandemic, and am creating a  separate list of those groups. Please CLICK HERE to access that list. 

Haim Weinberg PhD, CGP

Haim Weinberg, PhD, CGP Group Therapy Central

Haim might be the most renouned online group therapy expert in the world today. He has written profusely on the subject, and has provided several trainings to international organizations on how to run online therapy groups. Haim has a couple online training/process group for therapists. He will be starting a new group for therapists on June 5, 2020.  The group will run every week on Friday from 10:00 - 11:30am (PDT). Please contact Haim at or 916-212-6424 to learn more about the group and to determine if you are a good fit.

Nate Page PhD, LP

Nate Page, PhD, LP Group Therapy Central


      This group is currently FULL. I have a short waitlist of folks interested in creating a new group. Please contact me if you are interested. 

        Group Members are mental health clinicians that want an ongoing process group experience. We will meet virtually twice a month for 90 minutes. We will likely meet on Tuesday evenings. This is a not a therapy group, yet the boundaries /norms of confidentiality will be observed and members may bring into the group anything that is meaningful to their experience as a therapist and as a human being.  It will be a relational process group in it's truest sense. We will continually activateilluminate, and process the here-and-now dynamics of our relationships together. The content of the group will be driven by group members wants/needs. I anticipate that themes surrounding attachment styles, relationship concerns, burnout/compassion fatigue, finances and money management/mindsets, imposter syndrome, and other issues related to being a clinician will surface...but that is just the beginning of what this group will address. The group may also decide to create space for consultation and masterminding work as needed.  The goal of the group is to immerse ourselves in a process experience while also being able to reflect on this experince in a way that is  helpful to professional development as therapists. 

        In many ways this group is similar to an institute experience at an AGPA or affiliate society conference, but ongoing. 

       The structure of the group will be 75 minutes of group processing and then 15 minutes of debrief/didactic.  We will likely meet up in-person once or twice per calendar year for a full day or two of group processing.

Full pay fee: $90/session 

Sliding scale options: Absolutely! 

        An important compoent of this group will probably be processing feelings and mindsets regarding payment for group therapy services. We will work within our group to appropriately attend to each member's personal and professional financial needs and goals. 

Chrstine Schmidt LCSW, CGP & Rudy Lucas LCSW, CASAC

Lisa Eisenberg Group Therapy Central

RACIAL LITERACY GROUPS    Christine & Rudy (plus several additional colleagues) offer groups designed to develop your racial literacy (for example, Whiteness Learning groups, Racial Literacy groups, and Racial Literacy Consultation groups) .  Some groups are in-person in the NYC area and some are online via Zoom available to anyone in the world. Three groups are set to start Fall of 2019. Their website contains robust information about all of their services:  You can contact them through their website to ask any questions you might have, or to register for a group. 

Linda Eisenberg MA, EDd, LPC, LPA, CGP

Lisa Eisenberg Group Therapy Central

Linda Eisenberg, MA, MEd, certified Psychoanalyst, is offering an online process-oriented training group (via Zoom) for therapists. This group will begin in the fall of 2019, Wednesday mornings, PST. She is a graduate of Center for Group Studies as well as Naropa University. This experiential group offers opportunities for personal and professional growth, consultation and hopefully a sense of community.   You may contact Linda with questions at 503-236-9777, cell  503-705-9644, or email

Jen Joseph PsyD, CGP & Dave Kaplowitz LMFT, CGP

Jen Joseph PsyD and Dave Kaplowitz LMFT Group Therapy Central

Jen and Dave will start an Online Modern Analytic Training Group for therapists. They will begin the group Summer/Fall 2019. Please  reach out to them with any questions at   or

Katie Griffin MA, CGP & Joseph Acosta MA, LPC, CGP, FAGP

Katie Griffin and Joseph Acosta Group Therapy Central

Katie and Joseph co-lead a training group for therapists which has been running for about 2 years. They currently have a couple of spots open. It is at 11:15am-12:30pm  Central Time on Thursdays. Please email or call Katie Griffin, (512) 656-4067 or

Cindy Hardwick PhD, PCC

Cindy Hardwick, PhD Group Therapy Central

Cindy offers coaching and mastermind groups. The groups are onoing via video-conference (Zoom). One group is for therapists (and other practicioners in related fields). the others are for entrepeneurs and biz owners. There will be openings beginning in June and September 2019. These are run like standard process groups, but they are coaching groups and/or masterminds. In addition to being a Licensed Psychologist, Cindy is now a Professional Certified Coach with ICF. These groups, while definitely therapuetic, have an underlying business and professional development focus. The focus of these groups is to support those who want to explore and creatively re-design the direction of their work and lives in ways that can sustainably spark their joy and bring greater fulfillment and inner well-being. They are also practicing recognizing and letting go of unhealthy ego and come more from the authentic/true self as part of the re-design process. Cindy's current therapist/practitioner group is also earning CME/CE as part of their process group at the Category A CE and full medical CME levels.  That is a possibility for new folks entering that group as well.  Please contact Cindy regarding goodness of fit. Blog:
Social Media: @cjhardwickphd

Heather Frank PsyD, CGP & Jim O'Hern LCSW, CGP

Heather Frank, PsyD, CGP & Jim O'Hern LCSW, CGP - Group Therapy Central

This Online Modern Analytic Training Group is for professionals in the mental health field interested in furthering their group training and leadership. The professional ego is the focus of the training group and all thoughts, feelings and associations to the process are explored in the online group. The group is a combination of case consultation, practice development, and experiential learning aimed at further developing connections to colleagues and strengthening the therapist’s professional ego.  Group will meet on Mondays 10:00-11:15am Central Standard Time. For additional information or to join please contact:
Heather Frank: or 
Jim O'Hern:

Jeff Hudson MEd, LPC, CGP, FAGPA

Jeff Hudson Group Therapy Central

Jeff leads two weekly online training groups for therapists. The Monday group has been meeting for 5 years and meets from 6:30-8:00pm Central Time. His Tuesday group began in May and meets from noon-1:30pm Central Time. For more information please call Jeff at 512-472-7476.

Rebecca Compton MEd, LPC, CGP, NCC, BCC

Rebecca Compton Group Therapy Central

Rebecca has a case-consult/process group for therapists that is part in-person in Madison and part online for therapists out of state.  It meets twice monthly on the 2nd and 4th Wednesdays of the month from 11:00am-12:30pm Central Time. It is currently running and has a  ouple of slots open. Feel free to learn more about Rebecca and her groups on her website and please contact Rebecca for more information about joining this particular group (608) 772-6870, or

Arthur Gray PhD, CGP 

Arthur A Gray, PhD, CGP Group Therapy Central

Arthur does an online special 6-step group supervision for therapist based on a model he developed in 1996 and has presented at AGPA and in various countries. He currently holds a supervision group via Zoom for Australian practicioners and he is reconstituting his supervision group for the United States.  You can contact him at

Teresa Bastos

Rebecca Compton Group Therapy Central

Teresa is a psychotherapist and group analyst. She plans to start an online training group for therapists. If you are interested, feel free to contact her at or 00351 96 744 11 15. You can learn more about Teresa on her website:

Simon Feuerman PsyD

Rebecca Compton Group Therapy Central

I have heard that Simon Feuerman runs a group for for therapists. I am not sure if it is an online group.  He appears to be located in New Jersey. Feel free to reach out to Simon at