How to find group therapy near me

One of the most searched terms in google related to group therapy is simply ‘Find Group Therapy Near Me’. Here at Group Therapy Central we recommend these four ways to help you find group therapy services near you.

(1) Psychology Today Website

One of the best ways you can find local therapists is to head over to Psychology Today’s homepage. They have an amazing online directory of therapist! You can search for therapists within your zip code and filter the results according your concern(s), specialty of the therapist, population(s) the therapist is trained to work with, accepted insurance companies, and other categories. There is a filter for ‘support groups’ that you can click. This will pull up a list of any groups that are near you and your zip code.

It will show therapy groups, support groups, workshops, classes, and other events. You can click on any of the groups listed to read more about the group leader(s), fees, locations, and other details about the group. Most therapists include a link to the therapist’s webpage where you can read more in depth about the therapist and the services they offer. Personally, I like to research several different therapists before reaching out to one to see if they have openings.

(2) American Group Psychotherapy Association Directory of Certified Group Psychotherapists

The second recommendation (which is actually probably better than the first) is the American Group Psychotherapy Association website. You can click here to find the directory of group therapists. Or, simply click on the ‘Find A Certified Group Therapist’ button on their homepage. All the therapist in this directory specialize in group therapy, and many have become a Certified Group Therapist. You can search by zip code and read the profiles of any certified group therapists in your area. Many therapists will have links to their personal websites. They should include descriptions of the groups they offer, fees, locations, and other information. The nice thing about this directory is you can trust that the therapists will provide high quality group therapy services, That is the case with the Psychology Today directory where any therapist can list a group, workshop, or class whether or not they have any training in group therapy. If I were you, I would probably start with the AGPA directory and then switch to the Psychology Today directory second.

(3) Group Therapy Central

Our third recommendation is to reach out to us here at Group Therapy Central. We are happy to help you find group therapy near you. Most people that contact us haven’t found good results on the Psychology Today or AGPA websites. Maybe you live in a rural area without many group therapists or you are discovering that the group therapists in your area are full. We are well connected with group therapists in the US (and in some other countries) and are happy to help you. We will send out e-mails and make phone calls to discover group therapy options near you. Especially, those that are not listed online. Often we learn of therapists that are wanting to start groups but haven’t posted anything online. Other times we hear about therapist that have recently moved to a new area and are just starting to “set up shop”. Also, there are several highly qualified group therapists that don’t have much of a web presence and we can provide you their contact information.

(4) Consider an Online Therapy Group

Our fourth recommendation is that you consider joining an online therapy group. There are several well-qualified group therapists conducting online therapy groups. Most are using Zoom, a free video conferencing software, that allows group members to all see each other in a virtual meeting room. There are a few limitations to online therapy groups compared to face-to-face therapy groups, and also some distinct advantages. Most group members (and leaders) report that they are surprisingly similar in many ways. Some of the advantages of online groups is the convenience of staying in the privacy of your home and the ability to to attend group sessions from any location in the world (with internet connection). Probably the most compelling reason for choosing an online therapy group if you don’t live close enough to any group therapists and would not be able to access group therapy otherwise. If you are interested in exploring the option of online therapy groups, please contact us and we can provide you a list of anyone offering online groups with openings.

Please let us know if these recommendation were helpful to you in the comments (below). We’d also love to learn of any recommendations that we did not include in this article. We read and respond to all the comments that you make.

Also, feel free to watch our YouTube video entitled How to Find Group Therapy Near Me.

(VIDEO) How to Find Group Therapy Near Me with Dr. Nate Page, PhD, LP

We wish you the best of luck in your search for a group near you!

-Nate Page, PhD, LP

Pronouns (he, him, his)

Director of Group Therapy Central

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  1. I like what you said about checking websites and directories to find psychotherapy for you. My sister has been telling me about how she’s been struggling with depression recently. I’ll share this information with her so that she can look into her options for professionals who can help her through therapy in the future.

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